One of the best countries for business, Canada is a stable and resilient economy and a member of the G7 countries. Canada is open to foreign trade which attracts investors from across the globe. Starting a business in Canada requires a setup procedure and a user-friendly easy process for licensing and understanding the taxation formalities.

Contact us and make the most out of the business opportunities in Canada. With our consultation, you can establish and run a Canada-based business with confidence.

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    Real estate, technology, logistics, ecommerce, and finance are some of the businesses in Canada that are growing at an exponential rate. You don’t have to be a Canadian citizen to be a part of the boom.

    Our business specialists can help you set up a growth opportunity even as a non-resident. Your options to conduct business in Canada include:

    • Acquisition of a running business
    • Business Migration
    • Branch office
    • Start-ups

    Doing business in Canada is somewhat overwhelming if you are not Canadian. There are certain requirements that you need to understand. Non-residents who are clueless about the requirements of company setup in Canada can seek professional guidance from us at Complete Consulting Canada.

    We have a panel of experts who are well-versed with the legalities and regulations of Canada Company setup by nonresidents. Our team is very responsive and highly qualified to help you start your dream business in Canada.

    Start a Business in Canada: Managing an offshore business requires that you are prepared on every front, be it finance, IT, marketing, or international business management. The initial stage to set up your dream business in Canada requires you to name your company. It all starts with the setup process, followed by a series of declarations involving the type of company, capital shares, taxation rates, accounting and more. You can establish a partnership, incorporation, co-operative  or a foreign subsidiary/branch.

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    The number of immigrants and Non-Residents running businesses in Canada is increasing at a great speed. The favorable tax structure of a developed economy is what attracts non-residents.  We can help you: 

    1. Move your own business to Canada
    2. Start a new business in Canada
    3. Acquire a profitable running business

    Our experienced business experts can guide you with all aspects of the Company setup and business acquisition and set up process.

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      Incorporation of a new company or subsidiary of a foreign company can be done in any one of the 10 provinces.

      Canada offers excellent opportunities to Investors from around the globe to set up branch offices, subsidiaries or start up of Small Medium Enterprise.

      At complete consulting we assist our clients to search for an appropriate domain name and help them build an interactive and user friendly website

      Complete Business Consulting can help your company to save costs while enhancing productivity by outsourcing select business processes to Canada

      Contact us and turn your business idea into a successful in Canada.