There are numerous low investment business opportunities in Canada for Non-Resident businessmen. If the profitable business opportunities are attracting you but you are clueless about the legality and the process of doing business in Canada, then connect with us.

Complete Consulting Canada is an established consultancy for non-resident businessmen and investors. We guide you and work with skilled and knowledgeable service providers such as Accountants, Lawyers Real Estate brokers who can simplify the registering procedure and let you fulfil your dream of starting a company in Canada and eventually settle in Canada.

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    After the recent economic turbulence, caused by the pandemic, there has been a boom in the Small Business Enterprise business ideas.

    How can Complete Consultancy Canada help?

    We assist our clients to acquire a running business or set up a startup. To start a business in Canada for non-residents, you need to fulfil the requirements for residency, license, and work permits. Later, there are the legalities of company name setup and other documentation which are processed by professional in each are of business such as Law, Accounting etc.

    The laws differ at the federal and provincial levels, which makes it essential to have a setup expert. Complete Consulting Canada can offer a full suite of services to foreign corporations, non-residents and even Permanent Residents and Citizens.

    Take advantage of investment opportunities and start your dream business in Canada. You focus on attributes that are significant to improve your business profitability while our panel of experts can work round the clock to help you with the legalities and setup formalities.

    We provide guidance for Company setup for Non-Resident individuals, foreign companies, facilitate joint ventures and partnership, Intra Company Transfer /relocation of employees and their families. We work with a Lawyer who specializes in Business Immigration Matters related to individuals and companies investing in Canada.

    We help you every step of the way to bridge the gap between cultures and continents as you expand your business to new horizons in Canada. We offer services in Canada for Non-Residents as indicated below:

    • Company Setup
    • Back Office Services
    • Virtual Office
    • Coworking Space
    • HR, Admin Services
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Bookkeeping
    • Real Estate Consulting
    • Business Acquisition
    • Secretarial Service
    • Domain Setup
    • Intellectual Property Setup
    • Website Development
    • Internet & Digital Marketing Services
    • E-commerce Fulfillment Services

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      Incorporation of a new company or subsidiary of a foreign company can be done in any one of the 10 provinces.

      Canada offers excellent opportunities to Investors from around the globe to set up branch offices, subsidiaries or start up of Small Medium Enterprise.

      At complete consulting we assist our clients to search for an appropriate domain name and help them build an interactive and user friendly website

      Complete Business Consulting can help your company to save costs while enhancing productivity by outsourcing select business processes to Canada

      Contact us and turn your business idea into a successful in Canada.