Company Set Up In Canada for Non-Residents

Select a Plan:


  • Preparation of the Articles of Incorporation
  • Review of the Articles
  • Filing of the Articles
  • Nuans Name Search
  • Government Filing Fee
  • Electronic Access Fee
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Form 1 Initial Return
  • Business Identification Number (BIN) Registration
  • GST/HST Program A/C (RT) Registration
  • Payroll Deductions Program A/C (RP) Registration
  • Import-Export Program A/C (RM) Registration
  • Corporation Income Tax Program A/C (RC) Registration
  • Information Returns (RZ) Registration
  • Corporate Minute Book
  • Virtual Bank Account
  • Canadian Bank Account
  • Virtual Office see details below


Virtual Office: An address is required for company registration. This allows you to receive mail and courier packages, scan and email content of the envelope, secure shredding of mail, long term storage mail (postage, transaction fees are extra for any mail or courier package to be forwarded)

Corporate Minute Book: We will update all items in the minute book -By-Laws, Minutes of Directors, Minutes of Shareholders, Special Resolutions, Directors Register, Officers Register, Transfer Register, Shareholders Ledger, Debt Obligation/Securities Register, Forms Filed, Shares Certificates, Shareholders Agreement, Individuals with Significant Control Register, Company Seal, Bank Account opening forms.

Bronze package is a basic registration: Client can get started and upgrade as required.

Silver package will provide you all the necessary registrations: The entire corporate history must be prepared such as resolutions and agreements etc. which are maintained as per law. Shareholder agreements and any activities of the company also must be documented and maintained in the company record books.

Gold package includes all the updates needed to open a Virtual bank account if the Non-Resident shareholders and directors are not able to travel to Canada.

Platinum Package We will prepare all documentation to open a bank account with a Canadian Bank. Physical presence of the non-resident shareholders and directors is required at the bank.

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